Welcome to Shree Kutchi Leva Patel Samaj - Ahmedabad

SKLPS Ahmedabad is a non profitable community organisation run buy our most experienced seniors and energetic young members who are focused on providing educational, cultural, social, welfare and medical needs of the large Kutchi Leva Patel community living around the world.

 SKLPS Ahmedabad is a samaj also called as a community centre having Kutchi Leva Patel community members living in Ahmedabad since long who are always happy to help our community and their connivance in respect of whether be accommodation for students who are seeking higher education in top universities and those people who came for medical causes.

SKLPS Ahmedabad will be happy to have opinions from our community members. And with getting more and more closer, let’s all make more efforts to serve better future to our community.

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