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We are pleased to interact with our respected donors & community members about various activities carried out by our Samaj during last ten years

Firstly the Samaj has constructed three building from 2004 to 2013
The first one a Boys Hostel with Guest rooms accommodating about 75 students & 50 guests was inaugurated in january 2005

The second one a girls Hostel with a living capacity of 75 girls students was completed in 2010.

The third one only for guests with 34A.C rooms was commissioned in December 2013.

All three building were “ Namkaraned “ in December 2013in a function organized by the samaj in presence of all l our invitees.

  • The Boys Hostel has been named as Bhikhalal Harjibhai Siyani Vidhyarthi Bhavan
  • The Girls Hostel as Smt Dhaniben Shivjibhai Shiyani Seva Sadan
  • The Guest building as Smt Shantaben Bhikhalal Shiyani Atithi Bhavan


Guests from Kutch, Africa, U.K, Mid-East & Australia are the frequent Visitors , but people from Kutch & E.Africa come for Chronic Disease treatment which is best and cheap available in Ahmedabad. Our samaj is in the midst area of many Multi Speciality Hospitals and so it is very economical and convenient for long stay patients.

The Samaj has arranged for the treatment of Drugs, Tobacco and Liquor addicts and counselling for mind stress relive. If in need for any patient the samaj can also provide helpers for assisting Cancerous and old age lonely patient in Hospital.

The Ahmedabad Samaj has opened a ‘’ Hospital Help desk ‘’ services sponsored by Team Construction Ltd – Nairobi to help these poor patients financially.


This Samaj has also initiated ‘’ Girls Education Sahay Fund ‘’ sponsored by Nairobi donors to support the girl Students studying in Ahmedabad in their Hostel expenses and University fees.

For Boy Students ‘’ Education Help age Fund ‘’ is under Consideration. As soon as we get the sponsors we will support the poor students in pursuing their Post Graduate Studies.

Presently there are about 250 community students studying in different universities and about 50 Students working in Ahmedabad. Since our hostel can accommodate only 125 students, the rest stay on Rented rooms or as paying Guests, which are very costly and unsuitable to our Food & living standard norms.

The Samaj therefore is planning to construct a residency building with “Academic centre’’ for specialised Courses in Technology.

Ahmedabad Samaj is the smallest unit of all Samaj of our Community situated at different places, but we provide many valuable services to the community at large which no other samaj does and for development of our programmes we need monetary support from all sects of our society.

So we request all our community members to enrol themselves as “ Donor Member “ of our samaj.