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Shreemati Dhanbai Shivjibhai Shiyani Seva Sadan

Children of farmers, construction workers, domestic help, daily wage labourers or even if you talk about orphans, education, in fact, proper education is quite a luxury. Especially if one is a girl from the economically marginalised sections of society – education is even more difficult for her to attain. Be it the unsafe walks through long distances that she might have to take in order to reach school or the additional responsibilities that are imposed on her from home – education becomes a privilege that is not easy to come by.

Understanding the need for free hostel facilities for girls from where they can live and easily attend classes, the Shreemati Dhanbai Shivjibhai Shiyani Seva Sadan was established in the year 2015 by the charitable donations of Shreemati Dhanbai Shivjibhai Shiyani, from Africa. The building currently has 40 designated rooms for girls.

Ensuring food and accommodation, the hostel also provides girls with after-school support, academic coaching, extracurricular activities, health awareness and also vocational training so that the young girls can learn and grow in a nurturing environment and become the best version of themselves.

The efforts of SKLPS, have been very effective, with the girls achieving a high pass rate in the standard public examinations and many of them have ended up – successfully completing their schooling and even college with our help. Given the trust that parents who are daily wage earners put in us to give the girls the right kind of education and facilities that they themselves are unable to give them – Shreemati Dhanbai Shivjibhai Shiyani Seva Sadan proves to be a haven and sanctuary for these young girls.

Giving them a fair chance at opportunities that may not be afforded to them otherwise, it is a privilege to see them grow and blossom into empowered women of tomorrow – something that makes our work, worth the while.

To know more about the work we do at Shreemati Dhanbai Shivjibhai Shiyani Seva Sadan contact us at:

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Shreemati Dhanbai Shivjibhai Shiyani Seva Sadan

Auguest of 2010

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4-Ketan Co.H.Soci, Opp. BD Patel House
Lakhudi Char Rasta
Navranpura – 380014

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