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Shree Bhikhalal Harjibhai Shiyani Vidharthi Bhavan

Children who come to SKLPS come from various parts of the country and from some of the most marginalised sections of society. They bring with themselves myriad experiences – social, cultural, economic and even emotional. Most of these boys are first-generation learners and what is even more important is that they either have no experience of education or have had really bad experiences where they were bullied or excluded. Some of the boys that come to us suffer from severe emotional and mental issues which may have affected his learning abilities. Understanding these needs and being sensitised towards them, we keep the interest of the children first. At SKLPS we try to take a large leap towards an all-inclusive environment for them, in order to promulgate education.

Shree Bhikhalal Harjibhai Shiyani Vidharthi Bhavan was established in the year 2015 by the charitable donations of Shree Bhikhalal Harjibhai Shiyani, from Africa. To facilitate the dream of being able to provide the boys to come to us with better opportunities in greater exposure, the building has 28 designated rooms for boys.

In opposition to the elitist approach to education, we are firmly grounded in the belief that education needs to empower the child to choose his own path and become a capable citizen. Owing to this, education with an emphasis on skill-building is encouraged by us widely. Vocational training assumes a critical role in helping boys enter the mainstream society, thus we also impart vocational training for employable skills development and capacity building for our growing children. A careful attempt is made to be able to match the child’s skill and ability with the training course that he opts for – each child who stays with us is treated as a unique individual.

Shree Bhikhalal Harjibhai Shiyani Vidharthi Bhavan formulates individual care focusing on the specific needs of the children residing with us. Hence we ensure that a composite of a multitude of services are rendered for the holistic development of our boys, to give them the right tools needed to become responsible adults.

To know more about the work we do at Shree Bhikhalal Harjibhai Shiyani Vidharthi Bhavan reach out to us at: + 91 9099211718

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Shree Bhikhalal Harjibhai Shiyani Vidharthi Bhavan

Year of 2003

+ 91 9099211718

B/h, Loyla Hall, Opp. Kamnath Mahadev
Saint Xaviers School Road

Guest House

Bhikhalal Harjibhai Shiyani


Bhuj – Kutch


1, 2 & 3 Bed