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Shreemati Shantaben Bhikhalal Shiyani Atithi Bhavan

Everyone knows that the cost of healthcare in the country can be quite a deterring factor for those who hail from economically weaker sections of the society. This makes adequate medical facilities almost beyond their reach, especially if the treatment ends up requiring hospitalisation or regular visits. Established in the year 2002, through the charitable donations by Shreemati Shantaben Bhikhalal Shiyani – the Bhavan looks to help such hospital patients find accommodation in the city.

Given the scarcity of adequate medical services for poor patients who hail from villages and small towns, finding accommodation in the city can be quite a challenge. Even though many hospitals provide diagnosis and treatment free of cost for underprivileged patients, depending upon the type of disease – a lot of patients need hospitalisation or might even need regular visits to the hospital over a period of time which might mean that they have to stay in the city where the hospital is based out of.

We are well aware of the fact of how accommodation can be costly in major cities and might be unaffordable for patients as well as the accompanying caretakers. There actually have been multiple instances, wherein patients have ended up discontinuing the treatment owing to the fact that they cannot find affordable lodging options which forces them to return to their native places without receiving the medical attention that they really need. On the other end, it is quite a heart-breaking sight to witness family members of patients sleeping on pavements or in makeshift shacks near major hospitals.

Hence to redress this problem, Shreemati Shantaben Bhikhalal Shiyani Atithi Bhavan was established. We currently have a room capacity of 55 and our services are available for patients as well as accompanying family members. Understanding that sometimes treatments can be a lengthy process people are allowed to stay for as long as required and can even avail food facilities at subsidised rates. Hence, if you have a family member who is ill and you need to visit Ahmedabad for his medical treatment but do not have enough resources for lodging  – Reach out to us and we can together figure out an amenable arrangement, that might suit your needs and be able to provide necessary care to the patient.

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Shreemati Shantaben Bhikhalal Shiyani Atithi Bhavan

December 2013

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B/h, Loyla Hall, Opp. Kamnath Mahadev
Saint Xaviers School Road

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Shantaben Bhikhalal Shiyani


Bhuj – Kutch


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