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Matrushri Veliben Kanji Premji Kanya & Kumar Seva Sadan

Looking to resign from a life of desolation and deprivation, hundreds of children leave their home in a quest for a better life. The city acts as a magnet for them wherein they feel that they will be able to find themselves the right kind of opportunities that they want. Not understanding the perils of crime, abuse, economic exploitation, more often than not these children end up seeing their dream shattered by the harsh realities of city life. Worse off than villages, as the children are exposed to forms of hunger, ignorance, abuse and poverty they end up struggling hard to get even a simple good night sleep or two meals a day. Forget about the education, they actually long for safety and security

Matrushri Veliben Kanji Premji Kanya & Kumar Seva Sadan was established in the year July 2017 by the charitable donations of Matrushri Veliben Kanji Premji, with the aim of being able to provide boys and girls education as well as lodging and has a capacity of 25 rooms. Our full care residential centres aim to provide the children with the caring and nurturing environment which fosters in them a sense of security and also does not end up stifling the freedom of expression. Instilling in them a capacity for growth, the secured environment helps in giving them the basic necessities that they, so desperately need.

Acting as a basis for intensive engagement for children in need – numerous lives have been moulded and shaped for the better with us. The children that we end up fostering often come at a very young age to stay with us, and remain with us till the time they attain maturity. The years that they end up spending with us transform their lives not only in terms of turning them into adults but also being able to transform them into empowered individuals and becoming doers from being just dreamers.

If you are interested in being a part of our efforts or want to know more about Matrushri Veliben Kanji Premji Kanya & Kumar Seva Sadan and the work we do, you can reach out to us at:

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Matrushri Veliben Kanji Premji Kanya & Kumar Seva Sadan

July 2017

+ 91 9099211718

3-Sthanakwasi Jain Co.H.Soci,
Opp.Rokadiya Hanuman Tempal
Ne.Naranpura Railway Croshing

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